About Us

Eternal New Material Industrial Co., Ltd, was set up in 1993.

We are located in Shandong, China (Mainland), specialized in manufacturing all kinds of bio ceramic balls used by water alkaline purifying, water treatment, humidifier, purified faucets, bath showers and etc.

We invent ORP Water Ceramic Balls, Hydrogen Water Ceramic Balls, Microporous Anti Bacteria Ceramic Balls and Alkaline Water Mineralization Ceramic Balls in 2008 and get patents in 2015.


In 2006, we made research on ORP balls for a Japanese company, who makes similar water to famous water from Nordenau Germany.

The formula was confidential and our founder Xia Lee devoted herself to inventing ceramic balls making similar Nordenau water.

With many years' manufacturing experience and the research group from Shandong University, we successfully produce ORP water ceramic ball in 2008 and get patent in 2015.
Without adding any chemical ingredients, all materials must be natural and environment friendly.

In the next few years, we invented hydrogen water ceramic ball, microprous anti bacteria ceramic balls, pearl calcium ceramic balls, hydrogen water ceramic balls and Silicic Acid Alkaline Water Ceramic Ball. These ceramic balls earned much appreciation soon from customers in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, USA etc.

Research Group

Our research Centre is located in Zhangqiu Jinan City of Shandong Province.

We have regular cooperation with the National Industrial Ceramic Engineering Research Centre, Special Ceramic Lab, Shandong University etc, and invented non electrolysis hydrogen water ceramic ball, micro porous ceramic ball, pearl calcium ceramic ball in recent years.


Our factory covers more than 20,000 square meters in Zhangqiu Jinan City. All Productions Processes, including raw material quality checking, mixing, molding, sintering, packing, are carried out strictly in accordance with ISO9001.