Product Detail

Zeolite Ceramic Balls for drinking water treatment

Model: GY-ZL41

Size: 1mm~10mm

Price: $1300~$1700/ton

Detail Information

The main component is natural zeolite mineral which is an adsorption material has high activity. It is designed with micro porous structure, non-toxic, tasteless, transparent, glassiness, smooth globa and strong moisture absorption performance.
(1) Strong weathering, strong ability against corrosion.
(2) Average absorption saturated in the 50% state, so its absorption ability is quite high.
(3) excellent performance in remove odor smell,and improve the taste of water
(4) fine ion exchange performance
(5) alkaline water with PH of 7.5~8.5
(6) mineral water, size 1mm~20mm
(7) PH↑Ca↑Mg↑