Product Detail

Tourmaline Ceramic Balls for Alkaline Filter Material

Model: GY-MN13

Size: 1mm~20mm

Price: US$1,200.00 - US$2,000.00 / Tons

Detail Information

Tourmaline ceramic ball is formulated with far infrared mineral material and tourmaline material, heated at 860 degree. It can release 0.06mA bio-electricity which are similar to human body’s biological.
Tourmaline ceramic balls are fired to provide a homogenous ball with the properties of both clay and all the colors of tourmaline. Clay carries the frequencies of numerous minerals. It is also a highly organized, layered matrix that supports water’s crystalline structure.
Tourmaline contributes FIR wavelengths (particularly the wavelengths between 4 and 16 microns that resonate with water), and the piezoelectric effect. These wavelengths activate water molecules which convey FIR frequencies deep into the body, improving circulation and metabolic functions.
Drinking water treated with ceramic tourmaline balls prepares the body to receive nourishment. It also supports the body’s ability to release toxins and wastes.
Tourmaline balls are approximately 3 mm~20mm in diameter, exposing a large surface area to the water.
It emits far-infrared rays to produce living water. Far Infrared rays are known for their powerful healing and detoxifying effects on organisms. Far-infrared rays suppress the growth of excessive free radicals and shorten the cluster chain of H2O. The purified and activated water has smaller water clusters, which are more efficient at protecting cells from various aggressors. The alkaline filter redeposits the vital minerals, which are needed for the human boday to function at its optimum level, back into the water.