Product Detail

Patent Durable Alkaline Ceramic Balls for Mineral Water Filters

Model: GY-AL21

Size: 1mm~12mm

Price: $2,000~3,500/ton

Detail Information

White Alkaline ceramic ball was designed by our group in 2017. Before that, there are no alkaline ceramic balls could last alkalinity more than 1 year in water.
Our alkaline ceramic balls provides more than 20 kinds of mineral elements, especially sufficient silicic acid(about 60mg/L).It received many positive feedback due to its high performance and durability.

•restore PH value between 8 and 9.5, make alkaline water
•durable, could use at least 1 year
•Pearl Calcium ball provides more than 20 kinds of nutrient
•mineral your water.
•provide silicic acid, which has bee proved to soften blood vessels
•absorb micro particles and microorganism
•pearl calcium ball has durable and reliable performance in making alkaline water.
•remove foul taste and smell from water

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Packing: 25kgs/bag, 1000kgs per pallet