Product Detail

Chlorine Remove Ceramic Balls, CaSO3 ceramic balls

Model: GY-CR10

Size: 1mm~10mm

Price: US$7,000.00-US$12,500.00/ton

Detail Information

Chlorine Removal Calcium Sulfite Ball is composed of 90% Calcium Sulfite. It is widely used in swimming pool, shower, bath club, chlorine removing equipment and etc. CaSO3 ball has optimal performance in removing chlorine, including C10-, HC10, Cl2, and could remove 99% Chlorine in 0.8 seconds.
--regular sphere with high hardness
- excellent efficiency of remove residual chlorine in water.
- diminution of bad smell, bad taste, impurities, organic matter.
-Food grade remove chlorine ball for drinking water treatment
-Professional Manufacture of bio ceramic balls for 11 year.